Fantastic Stories Launches Indiegogo Campaign



Dear FSI Reader,

First of all, we want to thank you for being part of the FSI community, as a reader, writer, or potential contributor.

We’re proud of the work we’ve published to date, the speed with which we have responded to our contributors submissions, our production quality, and our  industry-challenging pay-scale of 15 cents a word.

We’re proud that our stories represent a more diverse face of SF, and we’re proud of the insight and multiple view points of our columnists, the breadth of experience and background they bring to all things genre; from unsung movie SF classics of the 50s to last months great short genre fiction, and everything in between.

We’re sending this note to you to give you the opportunity to help us bridge the gap, carry us through to a sustainable business model which our web-tracking data indicates is within reach, while preserving the vital components of web based fiction. Free content; professional payment for writers, and multiple funding sources including ebook editions, print on demand editions, subscriptions…

…and crowd-funding.

Crowd funding allows us to offer a large variety of perks to our supporters, and while yes, it does remind one of public radio support drives, that analogy is meaningful. Your donation will make an immediate impact, but even if you can’t donate right now please consider sharing this link to our campaign on social media or your personal blog to help us get the word out.

We care about short fiction; we care about genre fiction; we want markets for new writers to find their voices in, to be discovered in, to discover themselves in, and for all that to happen, we need your help to help us bridge the gap, from what we’ve done so far, to what we know we can do going forward.

So look over the perks, and see what you’d like to contribute. We’re grateful for our readers, for our writers, for this community, and so we’re reaching out to keep FSI going while we continue to grow into a self-sustaining enterprise.

Don’t forget to check out the March issue and the great stories we’ve got for you this month for free on the website. We’re also giving away the e-book version of the August 2014 issue. We’d like to thank you in advance and happy reading!

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