April 2015 Table of Contents



all-that-we-carry-300wOriginal Short Story:
All That We Carry, All That We Hold

by Damien Angelica Walters

Some vows must be broken, while others must be kept.


molten-300wOriginal Flash Fiction:
Molten Heart

by Alexis A. Hunter

They made him less than human for a reason.


last-300wShort Story:
The Last Wild Place

by Alison Wilgus

The link between them was stronger than death.


beautiful-300wFlash Fiction:

by Jay Caselberg

That which does not kill us…


rowling-300wFlash Fiction:
Rowling in the Year 3000

by KJ Kabza

Some stories never go out of style.



Substance — Bringing Family Back

by Carole McDonnell

Carole McDonnell’s reviews include The Scavengers by Michael Perry, Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun, the 2013 film How I Live Now, based on Meg Rosoff’s book, and The Returned/Les Revenants; a French series based on the film They Came Back, created by Fabrice Gobret.


The Remake Chronicles:
Two Tin Soldiers

by Adam-Troy Castro

Adam-Troy Castro expects some appalled blowback from his decision to rate the original Robocop (1987), directed by Paul Verhoevenand, and the remake (2014), directed by Jose Padilhaas, as about equivalent in terms of quality, and neither with particular enthusiasm. To which he can only reply, “Ah, well.”


Area 51 1/2
April 2015

by Steven Sawicki

Our resident Alien expounds  upon the uniqueness of snowflakes and then reviews The Unremembered by Peter Orullian, V-S Day by Allen Steele, Corsair by James L. Cambias, Unbreakable by W. C. Bauers, and the web serial Haphead, by Postopian Pictures, directed by Tate Young.

New & Noteworthy Short Genre Fiction: 
April 2015

by Gillian Daniels

Gillian Daniels reviews “Sheila” by Rebecca Adams Wright from the anthology The Thing About Great White Sharks and Other Stories, “The Salt Mosquito’s Bite and The Goddess’ Sting” by J. Mehentee from Strange Horizons, “Sweetness” by Toni Morrison from the February 2015 New Yorker, and “The Fox Bride by Mari Ness” from Daily Science Fiction.

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