Presenting the TOC for People of Color Take Over FSI!


We are proud to present the TOC for People of Color Take Over FSI!

Edited by Nisi Shawl


What Futures by Su-Yee Lin
Shadow Animals by Stephen Graham Jones
Darkout by E. Lily Yu
The Executioner by Jennifer Marie Brissett
I Understand by Jermaine McGill
Walking Round Money by Paul Miles
Serving Fish by Christopher Caldwell
Fortitude by Eliza Victoria
The Sacrifice of the Hanged Monkey by Minsoo Kang
Maggie Doll by Alex Jennings
Glass Bottle Trick by Nalo Hopkinson
The Great Leap of Shin by Henry Lien
The Palapye White Birch by Tlotlo Tsamaase
The Ace of Knives by Tonya Liburd
Legacy by Irette Y. Patterson
Recognizing Gabe: un cuento de hadas by Alberto Yanez

Non Fiction

Must Watch TV: Into the Badlands by S. Qiouyi Lu
Rebirth, Truth-with-a-Tea, and FIYAH by Erin Roberts
Read Me! 7 by Terence Taylor
Hopefulbright to the Rescue! by Darcie Little Badger
Star Trek’s Lt. Cmmdr. Worf and His Jny of Ontological Klingon-ness by Maurice Broaddus


*Title order is subject to change.

Kickstarter: People Of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories




 Fantastic Stories prides itself on being open to under represented voices. Science fiction and fantasy should encompass the totality of the human experience, in all of its diversity and complexity. Fantastic Stories is determined to explore a more inclusive, realistic vision of the future. Currently, Fantastic Stories is a bimonthly webzine paying fifteen cents per word for original fiction. To increase the visibility of our outreach to diverse voices, we have decided to run special Take Over issues that feature under represented demographics. These Take over issues will run in the off months of our regular issues.

People of Color Take Over Issue

People of color have been publishing some of the highest quality Science Fiction and Fantasy since the genre’s earliest days. Yet, there still persists a perception that science fiction and fantasy is somehow a white field. We’d like to help shatter that illusion and showcase some of the finest writer’s that Science Fiction and Fantasy has to offer.

About the Kickstarter

We’ll be publishing a POC Take Over Flash Anthology, whether or not this Kickstarter funds, but you can help us make this project bigger and much more awesome! If we reach our stretch goals we will publish three POC Take Over issues.

Click here for submission Guidelines.

Writers included in the Flash Anthology are:

  • Ananyo Bhattacharya
  • Carmen Maria Machado
  • Caroline M. Yoachim
  • Cassandra Khaw
  • Darcie Little Badger
  • Eliza Victoria
  • Indrapramit Das
  • James Beamon
  • Jeremy Sim
  • Jeremy Szal
  • José Pablo Iriarte
  • Julia Rios
  • Julie M. Rodriguez
  • Karlo Yeager Rodriguez
  • Kuzhali Manickavel
  • LaShawn M. Wanak
  • Laurie Tom
  • Malon Edwards
  • Naru Dames
  • Sundar Nicky Drayden
  • Richie Narvaez
  • S.B. Divya
  • S.L. Huang
  • Samuel Marzioli
  • Zina Hutton
  • Eve Shi

About the Special Issue

As with our regular issues, The POC Take Over issue(s) will have at least two illustrated original stories and four (non-illustrated) reprint stories, as well as five review columns that will cover the spectrum of the science fiction and fantasy genre.

About Our Guest Editor

Nisi Shawl is a founder of the Carl Brandon Society and a member of Clarion West’s Board of Directors. She edits reviews for feminist literary quarterly The Cascadia Subduction Zone. Nisi Shawl has edited Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars; and WisCon Chronicles 5: Writing and Racial Identity; she co-edited Strange Matings: Science Fiction, Feminism, African American Voices, and Octavia E. Butler; and Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany. With Cynthia Ward she coauthored the 2005 Tiptree Longlist book Writing the Other: A Practical Approach. Her story collection Filter House was a co-winner of the 2009 Tiptree Award. Her Belgian Congo steampunk novel Everfair has been garnering rave reviews from virtually every outlet that has reviewed it.

About the funding

All of the funds raised by this Kickstarter will be used on the POC Take Over issues. Any funds left over after that will be used on future issues of Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.

Stretch Goals

  • $7,500 Story Upgrade: We will publish a third original story.
  • $14,000 2nd POC Issue Upgrade: We will publish a second POC Take Over issue with three original stories. Everyone who pledged $10 or more will receive an electronic edition of this issue.
  • $17,500.00 Art Upgrade: We will commission illustrations for all reprint stories. Everyone who pledged $25.00 or more will receive wallpaper of all the illustration in the POC Take Over issues.
  • $25,000.00 3rd POC Issue Upgrade: We will publish a third POC Take Over issue, with three original stories and the illustrations for reprints. Everyone who pledged $10 or more will receive an electronic edition of this issue, and an e-anthology of 20 stories by people of color previously published by Fantastic Stories and its parent company, Wilder Publications.
  • $32,500 Podcast and Anthology Upgrade: We will produce podcasts of all of the original fiction (one per month), and a paperback anthology of the stories in all three POC Take Over issues. Everyone who pledged $50 or more will receive a paperback edition of the anthology.
  • $40,000 Anthology Upgrade: We will publish a hardcover anthology of all the stories in the three POC Take Over issues. Everyone who pledged $75 or more will receive a copy.
  • $50,000.00 Special POC Horror Issue Upgrade: We will publish an all horror issue. (Editor to be announced).

If all of these stretch goals are met we have some other cool ideas for additional stretch goals!

Other ways you can help support Fantastic Stories

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  • Original Short Story: Little Fox by Amy Griswold — Where oh where has Marissa’s clone sister gone?
  • Original Flash Fiction: This Side of Time by Sarah Grey — For fifteen year-old Emily, the future is serious business.
  • Novelette: The Stone Man by Sarah Totton — A little fear can be a very good thing.
  • Short Story: Herbert Hutchinson in the Underworld by Bruce Coville — Some choices are more important than life and death.
  • Short Story: Icarus Falls by Alex Shvartsman — An explorer pays an unforgettable price for the stars.


  • The Fan: Ramifications of Imagination, Casting the World Aside by Carole McDonnell — Carole McDonnell’s reviews Beyond (2014), directed by Joseph Baker, Webjunkie (2013), directed by Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia, After the Dark (2013-14), directed by John Huddles, the documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2014), directed by Mami Sunada, and Wolfcop (2014), written and directed by Lowell Dean.
  • The Magic Lantern: Of Plan Nine and other things by Adam-Troy Castro — Adam-Troy Castro discusses why Ed Wood’s notorious Plan Nine from Outer Space (1959) isn’t really the worst movie ever made, and discusses some other contenders that while vile, probably aren’t either: including Manos, Hands of Fate, and the horror that is the film Horror (2003). Honeymoon (2014), Housebound (2014) and Predestination (2015) are also discussed, in a not the worst kind-of-way.
  • Area 51 1/2, May, 2015 by Steven Sawicki — Our resident Alien considers A Darkling Sea by James L. Cambias, Count to a Trillion by John C. Wright, The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell, Impulse by Dave Barra, and The Mercury Men, written and Directed by Chris Preksta,
  • New & Noteworthy Short Genre Fiction, May, 2015 by Gillian Daniels — Gillian Daniels reviews “Those” by Sofia Samatar, “Thousandfurs, Or The King Who Wanted To Marry His Daughter” by Mallory Ortberg, “To Preserve Humankind” by Christina Nordlander, and “Let Baser Things Devise” by Berrien C. Henderson.

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Fantastic-Stories-Presents_Science0-Fiction-Super-Pack-1-226wWilder Publications brings you great Science Fiction from the present, past, and future, in SF Super Pack #1, over 750 pages of stories from SF greats and new emerging voices, collected in a single volume; stories include The Cold Calculations by Michael A. Burstein, They Twinkled like Jewels by Philip José Farmer, Lingua Franca by Carole McDonnell, Dawn of Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum, Don’t Jump by Jamie Wild, Youth by Isaac Asimov, Digger Don’t Take No Requests by John Teehan, Lighter than You Think by Nelson Bond, Garden of Souls by M. Turville Heitz, The Variable Man by Philip K. Dick, Starwisps by Edward J. McFadden III, Gorgono and Slith by Ray Bradbury,  I Was There When They Made the Video by Cynthia Ward, The Perfect Host by Theodore Sturgeon, That Universe We Both Dreamed Of by Jay O’Connell, The Lake of Light by Jack Williamson, Lies, Truth, and the Color of Faith by Gerri Leen, Hopscotch and Hottentots by Lou Antonelli, No Place to Hide by James Dorr, Industrial Revolution by Poul Anderson, The Visitor by Ann Wilkes, Travel Diary by Alfred Bester, Encounter in Redgunk by William R. Eakin, The Second Satellite by Edmond Hamilton, The Indecorous Rescue of Clarinda Merwin by Brenda W. Clough, Lost Paradise by C. L. Moore, Siblings by Warren Lapine, Gun for Hire by Mack Reynolds, The Answer by H. Beam Piper, Pythias by Frederik Pohl, Arm of the Law by Harry Harrison, The Good Neighbors by Edgar Pangborn, The Intruder by Emil Petaja, The Six Fingers of Time by R. A. Lafferty, An Ounce of Cure by Alan Edward Nourse, The Hoofer by Walter M. Miller, Jr., The Stellar Legion by Leigh Brackett, and Year of the Big Thaw by Marion Zimmer Bradley.