Crowdfunding Update


by Warren Lapine




First off, let me tell you how honored everyone at Fantastic Stories is that so many people contributed to our campaign. That tells us that you value what it is that we are doing. As you know we did not reach our goal. That left us with some difficult decisions to make.

As we mentioned in our last update, because of your support we’ve decided to keep this magazine alive. We also said there would be changes. Most of the changes you will not notice as they will happen in the background and should have very little effect on what you read when you come to the pages of Fantastic Stories. The one change that you will notice is that we are going to move from being a monthly magazine to being a bi-monthly magazine.

If one of your perks was a one year subscription we’ll be converting that to a two year subscription so that you get the same number of e-pub issues as you were promised in the campaign. Again, thank you very much for helping us keep the dream alive. You will begin to receive your perks the second week in June.

We’ll keep you updated as to when they go out and when future perks will go out. And we’re also considering other ways of thanking you for being there when we needed you.

Thank you again, and look for a new issue in July!


Warren Lapine
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief



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