Flash Fiction: Investments


by Simon Kewin

investment-300Simon Kewin is the author of over 100 published short or flash stories. He lives in England with his wife and their daughters. His cyberpunk novel The Genehunter and his fantasy novels Engn and Hedge Witch were recently published. Find him at simonkewin.co.uk.


Evangelina Carter, CEO of Blue Planet Holdings, stared at her visitor down from Head Office. She must have misheard his words. “I’m sorry,” she said. “For a moment I thought you said you wanted to wipe out civilization.”

Mr. Allen peered at her over his half-moon glasses. You had to give it to them. They had their human mannerisms down to a T. “No of course not. Not wipe out. We merely wish to . . . subdue humanity. Knock it back to a less technological era. Our projections suggest five centuries should do the trick.”

Evangelina didn’t speak for a moment. They could do it, too. She studied the ancient alien sitting opposite her. In his finely-tailored suit and old-school tie he looked every inch the genial investment banker. Allen smiled, awaiting her reply. Beyond him, through floor-to-ceiling windows, London stretched away into a hazy distance.


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