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New & Newsworthy Short Genre Fiction by Gillian Daniels

gillian-200Gillian Daniels is a writer of prose, poetry, and criticism. After attending the Clarion Science Writing Workshop in 2011, her poems and fiction have been published in Apex Magazine, Strange Horizons, Electric Velocipede, Flash Fiction Online, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine among others. Her reviews are available at The New England Theatre Geek blog and other venues. She is a transplant from Northeast Ohio and is highly suspicious of her home in the New World, i.e. Boston.


The Magic Lantern and The Remake Chronicles by Adam Troy-Castro

adam-200In The Magic Lantern, multiple Hugo and Nebula nominee Adam-Troy Castro reviews and reveals under-appreciated films worth talking about. In The Remake Chronicles, he examines the stories that movies keep returning to.




Area 51 1/2 by Steven Sawicki

area51-200Our resident alien is channeled through the voice of Steven Sawicki. To learn more about both, visit www.damnaliens.com.




The Fan by Carole McDonnell

 fan-200Carole McDonnell is the author of The Constant Tower, published by Wildside Books.





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