FSI Table of Contents Jan-Feb 2017



Song to Charm the Beasts

by Wendy Nikel

Her music had power—but was it enough to save her?


The Scars That Made Me

by Tamoha Sengupta

What price should one pay for beauty?


Human Through and Through

by K. A. Rochnik

Mother Nature has a way of evening the score.


The Summation of EvilCorp Subsidies HR Meeting Agenda Minutes, Compiled by Olivia Washington

by LaShawn M. Wanak

Supervillians have super villianous office politics.


Down Memory Lane

by Mike Resnick

For better and worse, they fought to stay together.




The Fan: So… This Happened. A Boy Goes on a Journey. 

by Carole McDonnell



Area 51 1/2 Jan-Feb 2017 

by Steven Sawicki



The Magic Lantern: The Magical Shoppe is Out of Business

by Adam-Troy Castro



Read Me! Volume 6: Not Necessarily New Books, Recently Read

by Terence Taylor



New & Noteworthy Short Genre Fiction: Jan—Feb 2016

by Gillian Daniels

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