July-August Table of Contents



message-from-beyond-300wOriginal Short Story:
Message from Beyond

by José Pablo Iriarte

Can the dead speak for the living?


closed-window-300wOriginal Flash Fiction:
The Closed Window

by Christina Sng

There are windows that should never be opened.


brightness-300wShort Story:
A Soaring Pillar of Brightness

by Nancy Fulda

In matters of faith, the devil is in the details.


posthole-illo-300Short Story:
The Temple’s Posthole

by M.K. Hutchins

A quest for forbidden magic is a matter of life and death.


candyclown-300wFlash Fiction:
The Carnival Was Eaten,
All Except the Clown

by Caroline M. Yoachim

A magical treat struggles with its destiny.



History, Identity, Earnest Spirituality,
and the Attainment of Perfection

by Carole McDonnell

In this month’s column, Carole McDonnell’s reviews Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer, The Memory Painter by Gwendolyn Womack, Entrevoir: A Novel, by Chris Katsaropoulos, and the Netflix Original TV Series Daredevil.


The Magic Lantern:
The Climactic Moment

by Adam-Troy Castro

Adam-Troy Castro discusses the success and failure of movies at capturing the essence of long-running TV shows; The Fugitive and Star Trek 2, the original and reboot, are both cases in point.


Area 51 1/2
July-August 2015

by Steven Sawicki

In this issue our resident Alien reviews Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale, When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner, Innocent Blood by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell, and the web series Anamnesis, by Finite Films.

New & Noteworthy Short Genre Fiction: 
July-August 2015

by Gillian Daniels

Gillian  reviews “Forestspirit, Forestspirit” by Bogi Takács at Clarkesworld, “Emergency Repair” by Kate M. Galey from Lightspeed: Queers Destroy Science Fiction, “Yours, Not Mine” by Hamilton Perez from Daily Science Fiction and “The Walking Thing” by Marlee Jane Ward from Interfictions.


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