Original Short Story: Little Fox


by Amy Griswold

little-fox-300Amy Griswold has written several Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 tie-in novels, including the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series (with Jo Graham and Melissa Scott) and Stargate SG-1: Murder at the SGC. With Melissa Scott, she is also the author of the Victorian fantasy/mystery novels Death by Silver and A Death at the Dionysus Club from Lethe Press. She can be found online at amygriswold.livejournal.com and @amygris.


The sky is white when I wake up, and it takes me a moment to realize that I’m in my clone’s bed.

Fox is usually up before I am, helping make breakfast and figuring out what I’m going to wear that day. I stare up at her ceiling, which is painted plain white instead of showing a live stream of the sky like mine. The inside of my head feels slow, and my tongue tastes bitter.

There’s a brisk knock on the door. “Fox!” my mother calls. “It is still a school day for Marissa, you know.”

I climb out of bed, and apparently that satisfies my mother that Fox is awake, because I hear her footsteps retreating. I squint and realize I’m not wearing my own contact lenses. These must be Fox’s, because they’re not bringing up any data no matter how I contort my features.

Fox has my old wall screen I used before I got smart walls, and I clap my hands to turn it on. “Cloud, what day is it?”

“The date is September 1,” the cloud says.

September 1. Right now I’m supposed to be settling into my freshman dormitory at NYU. My train left late last night, but I wasn’t on it, and I can’t remember why. I pull on one of Fox’s plain white dresses, which feels like I’m wearing a nightgown, and head for my room.

My bed is made and my closet door is closed. The ceiling shows that the sky outside is blue, but the walls have been switched from looping scenes from my favorite flicks to the serene beach my mother prefers. My backpack and my suitcases are gone.

The last thing I remember is Fox bringing me a cup of coffee. “You’ll want this if you’re staying up all night on the train,” she said. I remember it tasted bitter.



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  2. Interesting. Not sure I buy the notion that people would raise slaves alongside their children and then expect the slaves to be their children’s best friends. Especially not if the slaves are taught to read and use information technology.

  3. Excellent story. I’d love to see more of this world and the underground the clones have built to support one another. I especially enjoyed the parallel between Bella wishing that Little Fox would become real and then choosing to help Fox become “real” in a sense. Well done.

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