POC Take Over FSI: Submission Guidelines


These guidelines are for the POC Take Over FSI issues, edited by Nisi Shawl.



What We Want: We are looking to increase representation of POC writers; for this special issue we ask you to submit your work only if you identify as a person of color. While there is no limit, I prefer stories under 7000 words.

Format: Submissions should be sent as RTF attachments in standard manuscript form. PLEASE DO NOT underline italics. This is an artifact of the days before electronic files. Mark stories original or reprint in the subject line of your e-mail. No simultaneous submissions please (though we do accept multiple submissions, a max of two at a time).

Please include an author bio with your submission.

Payment: 15 cents per word on acceptance for original stories, and 1 cent per word (up to $100, and a minimum of $25) for reprints.

Rights: Original stories will be licensed for the web as well as a print version of the magazine, an e-version of the magazine, an audio edition*, and two annual anthologies. One anthology will collect all the original stories from the year and be available in both print and electronic editions. The other will collect all of the fiction from the webzine and be released only as an electronic book. Reprints will be licensed for a print version of the magazine, an e-version of the magazine, and one annual anthology. Rights for original fiction are exclusive for 120 days after publication (and then non-exclusive), reprint rights are always non-exclusive.

Deadline: February 15, midnight Pacific time.

Email submissions to: poctakeoverfsi@gmail.com.

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