September 2014 Issue Table of Contents



invisible-friends-2-small-336wOriginal Novella:
Invisible Friends Too
(Or, I have no bananas and Ice must cream)

by Steven Sawiki

Monkeys, aliens, and Elvis . . . oh my.


Planting Walnuts

By Linda Tiernan Kepner

They were broke, outnumbered, and outgunned… but they were just getting started.


big-guy-300wShort Story:
The Big Guy

By Mike Resnick

Is there anything that compares to the thrill of victory . . . ?


timeslip-300wShort Story:
Time Slip

By Hannah Kollef

What if your past, present, and future could commingle?



The Fan: Backtracking, Dislocations, Learning Curves,
and Getting One’s Bearings

by Carole McDonnell

Carole McDonnell interrogates a series of puzzling novels.


The Magic Lantern:
To Start With

By Adam-Troy Castro

A T-C reveals and reviews off-the beaten path films;
finding some hidden gems amongst those justly obscure.


square-columnist-jayRoots of Spec Fic:
The Greater Evil of H.P. Lovecraft

by Jay O’Connell

Jay O’Connell dissects HPL’s enduring—and troubling—appeal.



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