Short Story: The Last Wild Place


by Alison Wilgus

last-300wAlison Wilgus has written for comics, animation and prose, and is currently working on non-fiction graphic novels about aviation and spaceflight for First Second Books. Her dream is that one day, cartoonists and genre fiction writers will join hands and sing in harmony and get really excited about each other’s Kickstarters. Much of her work can be found online at and she tweets at @aliwilgus.


Xolisa never lived alone if she could help it. She had grown up surrounded by relatives and friends, and disliked the silence of solitude.

Lovers weren’t practical anymore, but the modern conception of “roommates” was one she had much fondness for. They never asked after her family, never pressed her for details about her childhood, never questioned her easy explanations of how she’d come to live in this city and how long she had been here. All they offered was friendly indifference, and that was all Xolisa wanted from them.




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